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About Rosewell amps

Our Background

Dave Gascoigne started Rosewell in 2008 after 32 years in the television, audio and radio trade, Dave started out building radios and electronic projects aged 8! At 16 he left school and started a television, radio and audio repair apprenticeship, formally trained including valve theory at Doncaster technical college he has managed to stay up to date in the ever changing world of electronic servicing through attending many training courses including smd,

Experienced in both popular and the more obscure brands, Fender, Marshall, Dumble, Two rock, Trainwreck, Friedman, Gibson, Silvertone, Ampeg, Selmer, Simms-Watt, Hiwatt, Sound city, Roost, Vox, Laney, Orange, Laney, Carlsbro, Trace Elliot + many more, including valve hi-fi (pictured is a mid 50s Dynatron monoblock)

Customers come from a wide background from players just starting out to major well known artists and bands, trade customers are also catered for, amp repairs and servicing is undertaken for several guitar/amplifier dealers. 

Restoring vintage valve amps is a specialty, the workshop is fully equipped with excellent test gear and a good selection of spares.

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